Monday, 16 June 2014

Bryn's Marvelous First Birthday Adventure!

Let's get this show on the road.  It's HOT in the house.

Less Selfie, More Drivie, please?

First stop, meeting Mommy's co-workers Susan (L) and Katie (R) at Clemson. I was watching for Tigers...I hear they run rampant down there at Clemson.

Next stop: a bit of shopping for Daddy at the Ah-Dee-Das shop in Gaffney.  Actually we could have been in Paris for all I knew, I was asleep before we had left Clemson.

My third stop on the Birthday Tour was my first visit to a place my Daddy loves called Home Depot.  Pardon the laser eyes, but I was putting on my scariest face for my fan in the orange there.  

Next up, a fabulous new food I was introduced to called Whipped Cream or Squirty Cream, depending on your country of origin.  I know this is not my most dignified pose, but you try to keep your composure in the face (literally!) of that creamy sweet happiness.  Yum.

To cap off a fabulous day, Mommy and Daddy got cupcakes for me and all the other dogs too (Daisy, Bo, Zena and Millie, of course).  It was a great birthday, but I'm sad that I have to wait a whole YEAR for the next one!

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