Saturday, 19 September 2015

Calm Before the Storm

This photo taken by IW friend Alissa Hilbert came from the Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Festival in Greenville. This was early in the evening when it was still light out and Bryn could see well.  The later it got, the more agitated she got, and by the end of the evening she got spooked by something and tried to bolt, pulling me out of my chair, onto the ground and dragging me (after I crashed the back of my head into the ground) along behind her. This incident has burned into my brain a few things: 

1. Plastic claw-clips are made by the devil and will shatter when caught between your head and the ground. 
2. Always always always pay attention to the signals your dog is sending you. 
3. People find it hilarious when incidents like this occur and to this day there are some that will try to make Bryn lunge just for comedic effect.  
4. I could have been seriously injured and it is ONLY because my Muppet loves and trusts me that she didn't keep running, me in tow, but instead turned around to see if I was coming with her. 
5. IWs are beautiful, gentle giants, but take that giant part seriously - I don't care how many (INSERT NAME OF SIGHTHOUND OR OTHER LARGE BREED HERE) you have raised/owned/whatever, you have no idea what life with an IW is like until you've lived it.

I'm not posting this to say that Bryn is wild or out of control or that the breed is dangerous, far from it. I'm posting it as a reminder to me and others that you are the only person that knows what is best for your dog, and the trust that exists between you and your dog is PARAMOUNT.  
Oh, and I adore adore adore my Bryn.  - Bryn's Mommy